Haru Oni
Demonstration Plant

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We use state-of-the-art technology to harness the power of the winds in Magallanes to produce a carbon neutral eFuel.

Haru Oni is the largest project of its kind in Latin America and one of the first worldwide. The plant will use renewable energy from the wind and a process called electrolysis to produce green hydrogen. The project will also capture CO2 from the atmosphere and use a process of synthesis to combine the CO2 and hydrogen to produce eFuels, including carbon neutral gasoline (eGasoline) and carbon neutral Liquefied Gas (eLG). The eFuel will create a way for existing infrastructure to become carbon neutral by continuously reusing and recycling the CO2.


US$74 million

Plant surface

3.7 hectares

Wind turbine capacity

3.4 MW

Electrolyser capacity

1.2 MW

eFuel Production

350 tn of crude eMethanol 130,000 l/year eGasoline


Tehuel Aike Estate. Punta Arenas, Magallanes Region.


Haru Oni Demonstration Plant.


Wind Powered




Green Hydrogen


Green Hydrogen







1 Renewable Energy

2 Electrolysis

Wind-generated Energy is used to obtain Hydrogen, by way of Electrolysis which separates the Oxygen from the Hydrogen present in water.

3 Renewable Energy

Via a filtration process, CO2 is captured from the atmosphere or from an industrial source.

4 Methanol Synthesis

The Hydrogen obtained by electrolysis is combined with the CO2 captured from the atmosphere to produce Methanol in a reactor through a process called synthesis

5 Methanol to Gasoline

The Methanol is then, in turn, converted to Gasoline in a separate reactor.

The result is a carbon-neutral fuel (Methanol or Gasoline) which is a cleaner version of it’s fossil counterpart. The fuel can be used as a complete replacement for its fossil. When burned, releases into the atmosphere the same carbon dioxide which was initially captured

Civil works started in July 2021, the delivery of the first eFuel is expected by December 2022, and commercial operations in March 2023.


Construction Works at Haru Oni Site


Construction Works at Haru Oni Site


Construction Works at Haru Oni Site


Construction Works at Haru Oni Site

The location

Haru Oni is located at the Tehuel Aike site in Magallanes, Chile, approximately 15 km north of Cabo Negro.

The Magallanes region provides some of the highest quality wind resources for renewable energy production that the world has to offer.

The project’s strategic location also provides access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Sea routes for export purposes.

The Team


Owner and lead developer of the Haru Oni Demonstration Plant


Research provider and committed to purchase eFuels produced by the project.


The role of Siemens Energy is the plant design and plant integration, the development of the technical concept and the supply of the Power-to-Methanol portion of the facility.


Partner for wind generation and green hydrogen production at the plant.


Chilean state energy company, provides operational and logistics services.


Contributes with research and development in relation to the production of carbon neutral LPG.


The fluidized bed MTG technology with its unique MTG catalyst is licensed and supported by ExxonMobil.


With the help of the wind. A wind as constant and unique as the one that blows in southern Chile.

The wind will provide us with energy, the clean energy we need to make this happen.


HIF Chile

From Magallanes, one of the southernmost points in the world, we begin our journey towards decarbonization.

Discover with us a new generation eFuel: carbon-neutral and compatible with existing infrastructure.