Sydney, Australia.

HIF Australia is headquartered in Sydney, with the mission to develop and bring to market large scale eFuel projects located in Australia and New Zealand, leveraging the Chilean and the USA experience.

HIF Australia is currently developing a pipeline of projects to produce 36,000 barrels per day of eFuels by 2030.

Australia is currently the world’s largest exporter of fossil energy (LNG, coal) and is seeking to transition to become a world leading producer and exporter of green energy over the coming decades. The country has enormous renewable energy natural resources and its geographic closeness to Asia place it in an ideal position to become the region’s largest green energy supplier.

New Zealand is also actively seeking to export green energy on the back of some of the world’s best wind resources, backed by its vast existing hydro and geothermal green energy base

HIF Australia: It is possible.

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